Will the CFAR plan give me a full refund of my trip?

The CFAR plan doesn’t provide a 100% refund. Although, it does help you to save more than lose!
Typically, the plan offers you a partial refund calculated depending on the final ticket cost and its specific policies.

Keep in mind that any additional-to-the-ticket expenses, such as preselected seats, additional baggage allowance, and extra packages, can’t be covered by the CFAR plan and can’t be refunded, as well as the Cancel for Any Reason plan itself.

Once you request a refund for your purchased booking, the money will be credited to the payment method provided at the time of booking (let it be PayPal or credit card) within the next 15 working days.

In conclusion, if you’re having second thoughts about a trip you’re planning and suspect you may need to cancel it, the Cancel for Any Reason plan could be a “lifeline” to bring with you.


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